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Our Objectives

The basic objective of the institution is to work for the transformation of the students into responsible and conscious citizens through exposure to carefully prepared and well-designed curricula. While we aspire to fulfill the demands of this extremely backward region of the country, we are also making every effort to groom our young minds to play their respective roles in the task of nation building as India reaches tantalizingly close to the status of a developed country.

Since its inception, institution is catering to development of competencies, talents and creativity. The perfect transference of knowledge to the masses is our main purpose to educate the students. We want to develop the critical approach, creative thinking and problem solving abilities also to the students. Our curricular aspects are reflected in our aims and objectives which are as follows:

  1. To develop the positive attitude.
  2. To motivate the students towards his/her choice of subjects.
  3. To promote academic excellence.
  4. To sharpen the communication skills.
  5. To empower, specifically girl students.
  6. To support economically challenged learners.
  7. To offer a wide variety of subjects options.
  8. To offer Co-Curricular activities.
  9. To generate the skill of student towards career.
  10. To enrich teaching quality.
  11. To organize Seminar, Symposium & Workshops.
  12. To motivate the stakeholders towards active participation in NSS, Sports and Cultural programmes.
  13. To motivate towards social services.
  14. To enable students to be dreamers, believers and achievers.